Nature of Beauty / by Michelle Everett

"I love's not my fault."  Valentino

I can relate. I have early memories of trying to make my childhood home more attractive. It's strange that neither of my parents realized the importance. Both had lovely homes growing up.

But sometimes I'd refinished a piece of found furniture or strip the living room wallpaper to paint. I'd do anything to create a sense of order and space.

My fascination originated in trips to my father's parents home. Pioneers in some sense, they filled their home with antiques. It wasn't that their house was architecturally interesting or even grand but I was enthralled with it's treasures.

I loved going into my grandfather's study. The shelves were lined with various items carved in ivory, jade and cinnabar. His writing desk was French with this amazing ormolu. He would sit in there for hours and read or listen to classical music.

Growing up poor in Cleveland, he would of had no context of these things. Yet they were fascinating to him and gave him tremendous joy.  

Those visits and spaces had a profound influence on me. I loved spending time in that house and wanted to return often. Homes are not about creating a stage set. It's the backdrop of our personal experiences....and heaven knows they're not perfect.

Needless to say I love being in these types of spaces. There's a sense of clarity, enjoyment and even singularity. At times it's hard to explain but I do know's not perfection (I'll talk about that next week). A lot of you confuse the two. I blame Instagram and Facebook. We all showcase a curated illusion.

Beauty in all forms and styles has depth and richness. Informed by history even if only to rebel. Alexander McQueen knew that. 

Strive for more than what marketers sell you.


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