Mad, Mad, Management / by Michelle Everett

This one is for my fellow compadres in the design industry.

I've been thinking a lot about the variety of offices I've worked in. I think we all agree that our work environment can have a profound effect on us. I'veexperienced bosses who are divisive, scream (a lot) and have no idea what it means to lead.

If this is their example, makes you a little fearful for the future generation.

It's like we're learned management theory from binge watching Mad Men. 

Great interiors...not so great management skills

Great interiors...not so great management skills

There are plenty of wonderful writers on the topic. One is Simon Sinek. His books, Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last are truly great explorations in what makes great leaders and brands. 

He even gave a TedTalk.

One major take away, to inspire potential clients and employees we need to talk about why we are interior designers. Focusing on that gives us power and meaning.

Also employees present a chance to lead. Leaders have trust and confidence in those they work with. Reflect this in actions and you'll win their hearts. Win their hearts and they'll move heaven and earth for you.

Imagine what your company could do if the employees were dedicated to what you do.

What is one simple change you can make? Give them ownership over something. Maybe it's a project or a deadline. Then help them to succeed.