Walking A Fine Line / by Michelle Everett

Last week I was in Los Angeles for work. There are much harder things in life.

One of my first comments to younger clients, "there are two things that make a room feel finished. An area carpet and window coverings."

I know it seems logical but if you get those two things right, your friends will be amazed. And no, you shouldn't make decisions to just empress them but just consider it a fringe benefit!

Maybe it's because people don't usually buy those items. Does it seem like a major commitment? Or afraid of making a mistake?

I can help. This week I'll focus on area carpets.

Make sure your carpet is the correct size. More often than not, I see tiny carpets with nothing on them but the coffee table. Or maybe it's an island in a lonely room. *sigh*



Ah, not sure what this accomplishes but it appears very cold and uninviting.

A carpet grounds the space and provides texture and warmth. If you end up with one that is too small it creates visual uncertainty. Where does one step, on the carpet? Maybe not???


Choose one your furniture is comfortably positioned on.

An easy way to figure an ideal size is to offset from the walls a specific distance. Maybe 6 inches? Or you could do 9? Just depends on the room shape and size.

It's not so scary buying a carpet. Go big or go home.