Dream Weaver / by Michelle Everett

One of the things I love about my job is working with amazing artisans. With them I have the chance to create one of a kind pieces for clients. The only thing that holds me back is my imagination. 

Particularly, I really like hand woven textiles. Man, talk about the ultimate luxury. Silk, linen, cotton and mohair construct whatever pattern we dream of. 

Some of the best vendors are Sam Kasten, Mitchell Denburg and Tara Chapas. I have worked with them all and they're amazing.

Just a few handwoven textiles

Just a few handwoven textiles

I know it may seem daunting but the process is really feasible.  You pick a pattern from the collection and provide a color reference. They then make a control sample for approval. Voila!

In the past creating such items was extremely costly and time consuming. But now the same vendors I've mentioned have harnessed new mills and technology that has brought the cost down and sped up the timeline.

Also most large fabric houses are using the synthetic fibers that don't even stand up to water. I mean, really!!

So come on, create something one of a kind. Something you don't see in shelter magazines. You and your client deserve it.