Ice, Ice, Baby / by Michelle Everett

I thought I would continue last week's theme of fabulous materials.

This one is a little known gem. Cast glass. Yes, you heard me right. Glass, as a luxurious material.

Beauteous samples from John Lewis.

Beauteous samples from John Lewis.

Look at's stunning stuff.

I don't see a lot of designers using it and if you create custom pieces...this would be the bomb!

Par exemple, s'il vous plait?


While working for Bill Sofield we designed this nightstand. The inset top is a piece of cast glass with a gold gilt edge. Ouch!

Oh and yes, that is a leather clad frame with cerused oak draw and shelf. That's how we rolled.

And what is even better? Practically indestructible. I mean it's a 2 inch thick piece of glass?!?! No need to worry about water ruining that top.

One of the best sources out there is John Lewis Glass in Oakland California. Wonderful group of artisans. They've been doing it for years and are a to breeze to work with.

Sky's the limit...what else can you imagine?