Interior Design


Lots of people are apprehensive about working with designers. Their concerns are derived from bad experiences, friend's horror stories or lack of experience working with one.  And they have questions, lots and lots of questions. Will the designer listen to me?  Am I going to be forced into a style I don't like?  How much is it going to cost? Our profession provides many major benefits and below are just 3 clients should expect.

Whether it’s maximizing your space, renovating your bath or a highly attuned sense of aesthetics, we are educated, trained and licensed.  You’re hiring us to design AND execute.  To do this we have technical and practical understanding to keep everything organized and on track.  Initial estimated budgets and timelines provide clients the information needed to confidently move forward with their projects.   

Yes, you could do it yourself but while working with clients our most important goal is to surpass their expectations.  Heaven forbid we show them something they’ve seen in a magazine or in a friend’s home.  Their space should be a reflection of their tastes and needs but above all else singularly beautiful. 

Understanding of Process
Translation; save you money!  While we do labor over details and design, to us efficiency is king.  Knowing where to put our energies is key.  The process shouldn't be wasted on easy and straightforward tasks.  The results are stunning projects completed within the necessary time. 

In the coming months we'll discuss a variety of design topics but feel free to send any questions to